U-Values & Condensation Risks

Interstitial condensation typically occurs when warm, moist air from inside a building penetrates into the built fabric and meets a cold surface causing the air to cool, lowering its capacity to carry moisture, and resulting in condensation on the cold surface. This typically takes place in the refurbishment of existing buildings where insulation is applied to exterior walls, roof or floor construction.

With all the increased levels of insulation, the use of specialist membranes and new methods of construction. Condensation can form and give all sorts of problems starting from surface staining of internal finishes to long time degradation of the structure.

We therefore utilise U-Value Software that performs a Condensation Risk Analysis according to both surface and interstitial condensation approved to BS 5250 : 2002 and BS EN ISO 13788 : 2002

If there is a chance of a potential risk the design can be reconsidered and modified as required.