Mandatory Regulations

We are all now faced with the new Building Regulations from October 2010 with the new lower heat loss figures, and build quality which means build tight to maintain heat in the building. Contractors will have to pay specific attention to design details and areas where air infiltration could take place.

The requirement for constructing low air-permeability dwellings is here to stay, and is likely to become more stringent in later editions of the Building Standards. Housebuilders will need to adopt quality assurance regimes to ensure that airtightness testing becomes routine and passes first time,

Airtightness starts at the design stage. Architects need to know what makes a building inherently airtight, and where air leakage paths are most likely to occur so they can be designed out or at least sealed properly by the contractors,

 An airtight building will require less energy to heat and cool, will be more comfortable for occupants, and will obviate the need for excessive design margins in the building services. Low air leakage and well insulated buildings will certainly require a careful approach to ventilation.