air tightness testing scotland

The Domestic Scottish Building Regulations 2011 Section 6.2.5 states that testing of all dwelling types should be adopted for Building Warrant Applications made on or after 1st October 2011 and all flats and maisonettes for all Warrant Applications made on or after 1st May 2011.

Normally for a development of one dwelling, an Air Tightness Test should be carried out as it will not be possible to obtain comparative data on the quality of construction from similar dwellings.

As a baseline, testing needs to be carried out for 1 in 20 dwellings, of each dwelling type, to confirm the dwelling achieves the designed air infiltration rate and delivers a sufficient level of ventilation.

We can offer a reduced cost service that tests an existing property to test where Air Leakage (draughts) are occurring and can identify any remedial action that may be required. This can assist the energy performance of your house and will benefit cost savings to your energy bills.

All our testing is in accordance with Section 6 requirements.